NOHON Akumulatoru Samsung Galaxy Note 3 4 Note3 NFC Note4 N9000 N9006 N9005 N9100 N910X N800BE EB-BN910BBE Nomaiņa Bateria

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Kvalitātes Sertifikāciju FCCSaderīgu Zīmols SamsungFunction1 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000 AkumulatorsOriģināla, vai Ne SaderīgsModeļa Numurs Samsung Galaxy Note 3 4 Note3 Note4 N9000 N9100 N910X AkumulatorsFunction4 Samsung Galaxy Note4 4. Piezīme N910X AkumulatorsFunction2 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 NFC N9000 AkumulatorsZīmola Nosaukums NohonAkumulatora Kapacitāte(mAh) 2801mAh-3500mAhFunction3 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Note4 N9100 Akumulators

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Vet Vint 2020-11-26

Think more fast shipping with very satisfied

Arsoeva Lyudmila 2021-02-12

Delivery to Ukraine lasted about 40 days. Nova Poshta engaged as domestic postal service. 60% charge when first plugged. Purchased for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SMN-9005. I appreciate English version of manual. You all guys should consider the recomendations concerning 8 initial cycles of discharging/charging. See the manual. Anti-counterfeit passed successfully.

Gering G 2020-08-25

Ha llegado bien y es tal y como se anuncia,de momento funciona bien,recomendable.

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