TIMEMORE SLIM PLUS kafijas dzirnaviņas burr uzlabot alus un espresso kafijas dzirnaviņas Coarseness korekcija manual dzirnaviņas portatīvo dzirnavas

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Izcelsme KN(Izcelsmes valsts)Modeļa Numurs TIMEMORE PLUS SLIMMateriāls alumīnija sakausējumsIezīme Portatīvie

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Kamaltatla 2021-01-08

Coffee Grinder melit finely. Coffee is delicious. Happy for now.

Antongribovich 2021-01-25

The grinder worked perfect, very fast grinding for v60 much more consistent than an electric machine, it can also grind very fine which serves for Express but with little adjustment margin. Almost no holding and very easy to clean. I loved it.❤️

Josephlewon 2020-12-11

Compared with ceramic, on steel millstones grinding is more uniform. Grinding in the dust is also better, more uniform than on the knife Electric, which was used for the Turk. Handle on the magnet, easy to remove and install on the base. Here the carving of the container under the grinding did not really like it-it creaks invisibly. The volume of the container is not more than 20 grams, you can pour more, but the handle will not be able to pull. Grind comfortably and quickly.

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