Nokalta rudens blūze sievietēm anglijas stila biroja dāma modes elegants ruffles drukāt gadījuma blusas mujer de moda "eiropa 2020" krekls topi

Pieejamība: Pieejams

SKU: g23622

€16.83 €14.47

Stils IkdienasPiedurknes Garums(cm) PilnaDzimums SIEVIETESModelis Tips DrukātMateriāls PoliesteraPiedurknes Stils RegulāriZīmola Nosaukums daveanddiApkakle V-Veida KaklaApģērba Garums RegulāriVecums Vecums 18-35 Gadi

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Lesya Antipina 2020-10-30

Shirt is very pretty, and looks accurate as in photos.

Pecherck Avto 2020-10-14

Size m just right, my parameters og-94, ot-75, the quality is super!

Hamadieda 2020-10-07

Perfect blouse! I am a size S, but bought a size M and it’s perfect! So better size up!

Bomber Harris2 2020-09-17

Very pretty, just like the photograph and I recommend the seller and I will buy again!

Mariaeugenia Rivera 2020-12-21

On the width of the shoulders 39-40 Si and chest girth 90 cm size m approached well, A smaller size would be small on the back. Synthetic fabric. But the appearance does not spoil. The difference from the original is that the Ruche on the collar is sewn inside out. You can basically change in the atelier

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